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HP Color Copier 290 Durability and Effectiveness

A printer with legal and mono copying size has higher price than the other type without this feature. If we are talking about HP printer, not all of the HP series support these kinds of tasks. However, HP Color Copier 290 series is capable of doing such task. With a lot of enhancement (copying, scanning, and printing document),… Read More »

HP Color Copier 190 Inkjet Cartridge

An excellent brand means that it has a well-known name in the market. For a product which has already acknowledged in the global market, you can trust your choice with HP Color Copier 190. This printer series has got award-winning HP customer care. For additional guarantee, user who purchases this printer will get three years warranty. Although this… Read More »

HP Color Copier 180 Digital Zoom

Looking for a printer which works well as a copier? Well, this HP Color Copier 180 has the complete feature as a printer. As a copier, this series can produce photo-realistic document. Equipped with excellent inkjet, it can produce magnificent copying speed. This inkjet copying speed is up to 12 cpm for mono docs whereas the color doc… Read More »

HP Color Copier 155 Easy Set Up

The majority of people in this society prefer a simple thing without riddle than something complex which is full of mystery. This condition is plied to their lifestyle, especially the choice of gadget. For a person with this kind of criteria, HP Color Copier 155 existence is a must. Starting from the installation, the first thing that need… Read More »